La Joie de vivre

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☮ Jessi. 21. "Si algo me gusta, es vivir. Ver mi cuerpo en la calle, hablar contigo como un camarada, mirar escaparates y, sobre todo, sonreír de lejos a los árboles..."

You don’t have to impress anybody. You don’t have to compare yourself to others. Your life is your life, and you do what is best and what is right for you. The only person that has to be happy with your decisions is yourself. And that’s it.

I don’t get life at all right now. What is even happening?! Should I worry about it or should I close my eyes like it’s nothing? And where is the meaning at all of waking up every day and going to bed in the same way, alone? With every day being the same, and no progress.
Now I don’t even look forward to anything. I’m just scared as hell of being ill.
While fearing of death there is no way to enjoy life.

I have been sleepy all day and haven’t been able to study much because of it. Now it’s bed time and I’m wide awake. What is my problem.

In this endless circle, changing from running after and running from, that love relationships are, I hate it when I’m the needy-mostinlove one. Let’s change turns again.

My boyfriend left on monday after spending ten fantastic days together and I miss him like crazy. Now again I feel lonely, now again every day is the same than the day before. I wish we never had to say goodbye…

Estoy enferma y la relación con mi novio ahora mismo es una mierda.

When the person you think you know the most, you actually don’t know at all.

What then?

Café con leche condensada intravenoso, por favor.

Por esos pequeños grandes golpes que te hacen poner los pies sobre la tierra. Gran forma de empezar el 2014.

Alone, at almost 3 AM drinking summer wine in a mug

I was feeling so proud of myself because this time I didn’t cry at the airport nor the day he left. However, I’ve cried the rest of the days instead.

I miss you and I feel so alone…