La Joie de vivre

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☮ Jessi. 21. "Si algo me gusta, es vivir. Ver mi cuerpo en la calle, hablar contigo como un camarada, mirar escaparates y, sobre todo, sonreír de lejos a los árboles..."

Estoy enferma y la relación con mi novio ahora mismo es una mierda.

When the person you think you know the most, you actually don’t know at all.

What then?

Café con leche condensada intravenoso, por favor.

Por esos pequeños grandes golpes que te hacen poner los pies sobre la tierra. Gran forma de empezar el 2014.

Alone, at almost 3 AM drinking summer wine in a mug

I was feeling so proud of myself because this time I didn’t cry at the airport nor the day he left. However, I’ve cried the rest of the days instead.

I miss you and I feel so alone…

I don’t like going to bed if you are not in it.

I thought he was the one for me… I really did.

Esa distancia, aquella que era, y ya no es, se siente más que nunca. Es otra: más amplia, más grande, inmensa. Sin embargo, la misma.

No sé que pasa, pero nuestros corazones están cada vez más lejos. El resto de nosotros… sigue igual.


Un besi.

He’s gone, and who knows when I’ll be able to see him again…

Tonight I’m going to London to see my boyfriend after 3 months :’), so I probably won’t be too active here.

I hope you are having a nice summer :D

I remember when I was younger and I haven’t made this mistake yet. I remember how full of life I was, how full of feelings. I found magic in everything, every moment had a lot of deep meaning, even the most meaningless days. I loved my life and I looked at my future with hopeful eyes.

And now… now, well, now is different.